HASBRO, Inc.; Mattel, Inc.; Marvel Comics; Image Comics; Scholastic, Inc.; Ardden Entertainment; RE/MAX International, Inc.; Busta Toons Productions; Hungerford & Associates; Pubtek, Inc.; Cartoon Action Hour; Charles County Government; TOTEMCon

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Comic (sequential) illustration, children's book illustration, Photoshop flats and color, Illustrator vector colors, character design, logo design, digital painting, realistic portraits and paintings

Mike Wieringo, Wendy Pini, Tom Grummett, Brian Bolland, Andrew Loomis

About Me



Yeah, I'll draw that for you. IF you're lucky, bitch.Leanne Hannah is an illustrator who has worked for Marvel Comics, Hasbro, Scholastic, and Mattel, amongst other companies. Her most recent published work includes coloring on Transformers toy packaging, Casper and the Spectrals for Ardden Entertainment and Whatever Happened to Baron Von Shock? for Rob Zombie and Image Comics.

In her spare time she and her husband Rod collaborate on a Star Wars web comic called Blue Milk Special where they lovingly poke fun at the original Trilogy of films.

Leanne currently lives in Maryland, loves studying history, is fiercely devoted to the Baltimore Ravens and Orioles, takes pride in her left-handedness and has more Beatles knowledge in her head than is probably healthy.